Welcome new members of the Wheatless Wonders online sales team!

Your first assignment is to start selling adds and sponsorship opportunities, so we’ve laid out some specifics to get you going:

1. Banner Ads.  We have three available spaces for banner ads–a banner at the top of the screen (728 x 90 pixels), a large one on the right hand side (350 x 600), and a smaller one on the left (300 x 250).  They are priced according to size (bigger sized ads cost more) and according to the amount of time the ad runs.

2. Sponsored Buttons.  We have space for two buttons with direct links back to our sponsors.  These buttons are 150 x 75 pixels and appear above the fold on the left side of the site.  They will be clearly marked as “our sponsors.”

3.  Affiliate Programs.  The Wheatless Wonders blog often links to products related to gluten-free living.  Find an affiliate program that will allow us to monetize those links and then get it set up on the site.

4. Sponsored Posts.  Once a week we will have a sponsored blog post.  The sponsor’s product must be related to gluten-free living and not be a direct competitor of Wheatless Wonders.  For example, a company that sells xanthan gum or that specializes in baking tools would be ideal.  These posts will be marked as sponsored, but in them we will discuss the product and include links to our sponsor’s website.  The sponsor will have a chance to read and edit the post before it goes live.

5. Blogoversary Bash.  The one year blogoversary of Wheatless Wonders is coming up in only six months.  We’re planning a two week long series of contests and guest posts and we need sponsors.  While we’ll be giving away plenty of Wheatless Wonders products, we’re also looking for donated prizes related to gluten-free living and baking.  Sponsors for the Blogoversary Bash will appear on a list on the site for the entire two weeks with a link back to their site, no matter how big or small their donation.