Anyone can display banner ads, but here’s what I can offer in addition to CPM ads on the side of my blog:

1. Direct discussion with my readers about what new apps they, as knitters, would like to see, complete with monthly polls.  This will provide you with honest feedback about how happy knitters are or aren’t with current apps and what they would be interested in buying if it was available.

2. A new feature on the blog where I highlight and interview an artist who makes skins for Apple products.  This is not only fun, but helps equate owning Apple products with creative expression, whether that means picking out the perfect skin to represent yourself, or using Apple products to improve your knitting experience.

3. A guest post feature where readers talk about how their iPad, iPod, or other Apple product has improved their knitting experience.  (For example, using iPad to carry all your knitting patterns with you at once and using apps to replace some tools you’d otherwise have to pack with you, like a yardage counter for planning projects.  Or using an iPod to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while knitting.)

4. Since I often review knitting books on the blog, all links to view/buy the book will be for the iPad version (if available).

5.  Interviews with knitting app creators about what inspired them to design their app(s) (i.e. what knitting need it filled for them or what physical tool it replaced).