Let’s say for the sake of argument that I have a knitting blog, instead of a blog about knitting, crocheting, writing, publishing, and how many times my cat has peed on the carpet in the past week (I’m happy to report only once this time).


So, now that you’re imagining this is purely a knitting blog, these are the top 5 ways I’m going to improve this blog and, coincidentally, they’re also the top 5 reasons why you’re going to want to stick around:

Number One: The Posting Schedule

You’ll get a new post from me every day, but Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are going to be special.  Every Monday I’ll post pics or do a short vlog showcasing the projects I’m working on and any progress I’ve made.  Wednesday will be Project Lust day, when I share links to all the projects I’ve found that I can’t wait to get on the needles (despite the fact that all my needles are already in use from previous projects).  And Friday will be Stash day, where I post pics of any new yarn or knitting tools I’ve picked up.  And on weeks where I haven’t had the time or the cash to grab anything new, I’ll be doing more of a Yarn Lust post about all the fibers out there I wish I had.
  <— A small sample of my stash (I can’t keep the whole giant mass of yarn in one place or it might get too unwieldy, glom into some sort of sentient yarn monster, and probably eat me)

Number Two: Let’s Talk Yarn, You Guys

What would be the fun of posting pics about my knitting projects and yarn hoarding if it’s just me?  I want to see your stashes and your projects as well.  So whether you want to leave a comment linking me to your WIP on Ravelry, or your own post on your site, or even if you just want to give me a brief description about what you’re doing, I’d love to hear it!

Number Three: The New Fiber Challenge

I tend to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to fibers.  I started with acrylics, and those still make up the majority of the yarns I work with.  I’ve only recently branched out into using wool and some cotton (mostly because Knitpicks makes them affordable).  So I’m going to make it my goal this year to branch out into new fibers I’ve never worked with before.  I’ll weigh in with my experience using each one, discussing the pros and cons and how they compare to my trusty old acrylic yarns.

Number Four: Square of the Month

I always want to participate in knit-alongs, but I’ve always got so many projects going that I don’t want to commit.  So I’m going to make one afghan square a month highlighting a different technique and everyone is invited to knit along with me.  I’ll post the pattern for the new square on the first of each month, and at the end of the month we’ll all share what we’ve got.  There’ll be a poll each month to vote on what technique the next square will use, and at the end of the year, we’ll all have unique 12 square afghans to share.

Number Five: Categories and Tags

You might have noticed that I’m a bit lax around here when it comes to categorizing my posts and especially with adding tags.  Well, no longer will you look at my mess of blog posts and wonder where those links to guerilla knitting sites went.  Now you’ll be able to sort through the blog archives with ease because I’m going to go through all my backlog of posts and add the right categories and tags to each.